Optimizing Medical Coding- Do It The Cosentus Way!

Posted by Allen Ranjan on Sep 10, 2018 10:51:58 AM

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We bring you fresh advice and actionable tips for fully optimizing your revenue cycle and maximizing collections for your medical practice. By following these tips, you can significantly improve cash-flow for your urgent care center, anesthesia practice, orthopedic clinic or ASC.  

Accurate, compliant and optimal coding is the back bone of a fully optimized revenue cycle for a medical practice. Our latest White Paper, “5 Proactive Strategies To Optimize Medical Coding”, gives you real world tips for improving your coding and eventually your collections. We  have covered documentation improvement, appropriate coding workflow, staffing model, compliance and much more to make this an exhaustive guide book for you.

We want to provide real value with our education materials, so we go well beyond telling you why these things are important. We provide clear instruction on how to enact immediate changes to address your grievances with your revenue cycle to improve cash flow for your practice.

Most billing companies just focus on the retroactive approach by trying to resolve AR and not really pay attention to why the Accounts Receivable at your medical practice is high in the first place. We know one of the reasons why your revenue is locked in the AR is denials. If your coding is accurate this helps you stay away from these denials to begin with. With this White Paper, your practice has the tools in its hands to identify problem areas as well as solutions to resolve them. Imagine how this can benefit your cash- flow.

Our offerings don’t stop with this White Paper. After years of working within the existing parameters of the industry, we decided to break from its constraints to deliver the services you deserve. You don’t need average solutions; you need the Cosentus touch. We know you’re invested in the success of your practice and we want to help. Please reach out to us if you’d like to schedule a FREE, no obligation, revenue cycle management audit of your medical coding and accounts receivable. You can also check out our medical coding solutions here

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