6 Tips to Optimize Medical Billing for Maximized Collections

Posted by Ashley Nicholson on Apr 20, 2020 9:26:07 AM

The ever-changing healthcare landscape means coders and billers also must continuously update their skills and concepts to stay on top of the changes to make sure they are not leaving money on the table. With the introduction of EMR and advanced practice management software, the general belief is that the standards of billing and collection will be like never before - with every claim being billed out accurately and collected upon in a timely manner. Unfortunately, according to industry sources, independent medical practices are still leaving as much as 30% potential revenue on the table due to the inefficiencies in the billing and collection process. This happens because the rejection and denial rate is still too high and almost 50% of denials never get worked resulting in 5-7% loss of potential revenue. When you have too many denials your revenue can quickly get locked in Accounts Receivable creating a serious impact to your cash flow.

Cosentus is a leading medical billing service provider having optimized the billing and collection processes for numerous practices, enabling them to maximize their revenue and get rid of their cash flow issues. The purpose of this article is how you can implement these basic changes to your existing billing process and see your revenue grow by 25-30%.

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4 Revenue Cycle Areas: Every Urgent Care Needs To Master

Posted by Allen Ranjan on Oct 31, 2018 9:06:04 AM

The Urgent Care industry is going from strength to Strength. What’s been driving this growth is their ability to provide affordable, efficient and quick medical care. This trend is sure to continue and as per projections the industry will hit $21 billion by 2020.

On one hand the industry is booming and on the other hand a lot of clinics are complaining of shrinking profit margins. A lot of this has to do with the inefficiencies in their revenue cycle management processes. The challenges are many ranging from technological deficiencies to lack of billing & coding expertise. Urgent Care clinics must pay close attention to their revenue cycle performance for them to continue being profitable. Cosentus believes every Urgent Care clinic must pay close attention to these 4 areas for maximize their revenue.

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4 Tricks For Creating Profitable Urgent Care Contract Negotiations

Posted by Allen Ranjan on Oct 17, 2018 1:07:38 PM


Negotiating profitable contracts with Insurance carriers is critical to the success of urgent care centers. However, considering that Insurance companies constantly want to reduce their costs, this is easier said than done. The key is letting the insurance carriers know how by paying you more they are still going to save cost. We recommend you try these 4 tricks, if done right, these steps will help you negotiate the best reimbursement from the insurance.

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