6 Tips To Increase Revenue For Your Medical Practice

Posted by Allen Ranjan on Jan 9, 2019 2:28:00 PM

Maintaining a profitable medical practice can be highly demanding, specially when your best focus is on ensuring quality care for your patients. Like any other business your practice needs to operate with a high level of efficiency to remain profitable. If you intend to stay an independent practice at a time when so many other providers are joining the hospital system you must ensure an efficient workflow that would allow you to bill and collect optimally and timely and at the same time you should have some time on your hands to address other important aspects of your business. If you still do in house billing this is high time you think of partnering with an effective medical billing service provider, so you can focus on just two things: Patient care and developing your practice. Cosentus has put together 6 easy tips for you to be able to increase your revenue and stay profitable.

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Posted by Allen Ranjan on Nov 20, 2018 7:49:56 AM
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4 Revenue Cycle Areas: Every Urgent Care Needs To Master

Posted by Allen Ranjan on Oct 31, 2018 9:06:04 AM

The Urgent Care industry is going from strength to Strength. What’s been driving this growth is their ability to provide affordable, efficient and quick medical care. This trend is sure to continue and as per projections the industry will hit $21 billion by 2020.

On one hand the industry is booming and on the other hand a lot of clinics are complaining of shrinking profit margins. A lot of this has to do with the inefficiencies in their revenue cycle management processes. The challenges are many ranging from technological deficiencies to lack of billing & coding expertise. Urgent Care clinics must pay close attention to their revenue cycle performance for them to continue being profitable. Cosentus believes every Urgent Care clinic must pay close attention to these 4 areas for maximize their revenue.

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